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You know the problem: You look at yourself in the mirror and think that you are actually quite satisfied with yourself and your appearance. Everything is perfect. After a short smile in the mirror, however, then the disillusionment...
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Many people today often suffer from their more or less yellow teeth. Unfortunately, no pharmacy or online shop has been able to help you so far. Experts have now developed a solution that will help you solve this problem. IBright is the name of the product that will give you a whiter smile in just a few days.
This unique product is based both on scientific tests and on the experience of numerous customers who have tried IBright recently.

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Whiter teeth: Just a dream or perhaps reality?
Smoking or certain foods in particular are often the cause of yellowish teeth.
You want to enjoy life to the full, just eat whatever you want or enjoy the reward cigarette after a hard day's work or in between. Many people share this view. Whether on the job or on the street, you are constantly talking to other people and it is noticeable that you not only want to please yourself but also other people in your area. A beautiful smile often says more than a thousand words. Conclusion: Everyone wants whiter teeth and now they should have them. Never again will a radiant smile simply remain an unrealistic dream. No, because IBright finally makes this dream come true.

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The effect of product XY

The ingredients contained in the product ensure that the individual oxygen atoms unfold. This causes the discolorations on the teeth to fade. IBright is also effective for whitening entire dental arches, individual teeth or tooth fragments.

What is product XY?

What exactly is IBright?
IBright is a safe but also effective preparation. This has also been confirmed by previous clinical investigations and studies. You will notice that this product will make your teeth whiter within 14 days.
Depending on how you perform the treatment, you will notice that your teeth will receive a brighter tone and a new radiance after a short application time.
Is the product long-lasting?
IBright is considered a very effective preparation for whitening teeth. However, neither the preparation nor the procedure at the dentist can whiten the teeth forever. After a while, plaque will form again due to smoking coffee, tea and cigarettes. Then you could use IBright again.

What are the ingredients of product XY

Which substances are contained in the product?
The product contains sodium perborates for quick tooth whitening.
Additionally contained are hydroxyapatitic crystals, whose effect it is to improve the adhesion of the gel.
The natural pH value also reduces the sensitivity of the teeth.

Is there side effects?

Is there side effects?
So far no problems of product IBright are known, it is advised pregnant women however from the application. The product has undergone many years of research, with particular care being taken to protect teeth and gums. Some of the best scientists in medicine and oral hygiene have done the research to perfect the formula. Thanks to the hard work, patients worldwide have the chance to get a healthy and white smile quickly and safely.

How does the application of product XY work?

How do I use the product or how does it work?
There are 2 ways to use IBright. The first option is the 5 day cure in which you apply the preparation for only 30 minutes on the first day and 20 minutes on the fifth day. Second possibility would be the 7 day cure. Here you do it again for 30 minutes on the first day. On the fourth and seventh day, however, only for 10 minutes. The product itself is easy to use. First, simply pull the bleaching towel over your hands. Then moisten the blue side with the prepared gel and clean your teeth thoroughly for 1 minute.
Make sure you remove the remaining gel from your mouth. After attaching the LED lamp cap, apply the gel to the upper and lower cap and insert it into the oral cavity.
Now turn on the LED lamp and leave it in the oral cavity during treatment. After approx. 10 minutes the lamp will switch off automatically. If treatment takes longer, turn the lamp on again.

How the dosage of product XY works

Which dosage has to take place?
The set which will be sent to you contains 5 bleaching cloths with fluorine, a sample of the tooth tones, a preparatory spray (5ml), gel for bleaching (5ml), a silicone attachment which adapts ideally to the jaw and also an LED lamp with 5 Watt. The articles contained in the set are adapted to the 2 application possibilities, no matter whether you decide for the 5 or for the 7 day cure. If you do the splitting yourself, use the spray or gel in such a way that you still have enough for the following days. However, you can also find more details in the corresponding package insert after receipt of the goods.

The intake of product XY

Successes with product XY

Successes and results achieved with IBright so far
More than 40,000 satisfied customers provided clear statements about the product, confirming its effectiveness and thus the success of the product. At the same time, however, many doctors such as dentist Mrs. Margarethe Schwarz or dentist Mrs. Agnes König confirm the success of IBright.

Does product XY really work and do it work?

Does IBright really work? and why you should use buy iBright
After what you've said so far, I'm sure you'll ask yourself the question: " Does IBright really work? Why should I take buy iBright? There are many reasons to buy IBright, such as sodium perborates, which provide better oxidation and faster bleaching. Hydroxyapatitic crystals allow the gel to adhere to the stains and proceed with bleaching. The neutral pH value ensures healthy tooth enamel. The viscous gel fills all gaps for more accurate bleaching. An LED lamp provides a blue light and thus guarantees effects like at the dentist. The sample of the tones also helps to determine how brighter your teeth have become as a result of the treatment.
In addition, the elastic attachment adapts perfectly to every jaw. Have a look at the before and after pictures on the homepage and you will not question this preparation any more.

Results with product XY

Before After After Pictures with product XY

Which product XY test reports and field reports are available?

Which review or IBright experiences are available so far?
Over 40 000 customers have made the iBright reviews, delivered a review and are thrilled.
Many customers left behind various reports of their experiences and a large number of positive evaluations. I was surprised how quickly the product was delivered to me! Already after 2 days from order I could start bleaching. IBright is a great product! Thank you very much and I can really RECOMMEND it further," says Eduard, 24 years old. "Anyone who cares about their appearance must know that white teeth are half the battle. IBright is the key to success! A great product" was the statement of Peter, 42 years old. But not only customers are enthusiastic and have carried out the iBright reviews also scientists and doctors brought positive IBright experiences to light.

Studies on Product XY - Which evaluation are available?

Is product XY fake?

Is this product real or is it just a lie?
You think IBright's a fake? Wrong. As you could already see from the previous text sections, IBright is a product which has been tested by customers as well as by scientists and doctors. Hard to believe such a result is possible?! Try it out.

What is discussed about product XY in the forum?

Is there a forum where the product is discussed?
On the website you have the possibility to read many questions of the customers again to eliminate possible ambiguities. You will also find a large number of other customer reviews worldwide. A page where discussions take place is not known.

Where can you get product XY buy?

Where can you buy IBright?
However, you cannot order IBright in any pharmacy buy at a reasonable price and from the comfort of your own home.
We recommend IBright directly on the official homepage of buy, as this requires the safest way.
Please do not use portals such as amazon or websites where price comparisons are common. Any source not directly from the homepage could be an insecure source. Only the homepage of IBright itself grants you possible discounts or a delivery of the product free of shipping costs. Please note that the IBright website also offers other exciting products such as Green Barley Plus, Mass Extreme, Member Xxl, Member Xxlrdi, Probreast Plus. Again, care should be taken only on the original buy website and not on pages of other mail order companies such as amazon.

The price of product XY

The price of the product
Under the link you get directly to the website and then after a short registration also find out how cheap the product really is. Please always make sure to provide the correct information.
How do I ship and order?
For privacy reasons, the products are always sent to you in discreet packaging.
A delivery abroad is of course possible, however we ask for your understanding that with a foreign delivery the dispatch will take longer. In any case, the currency is the Euro. In addition, payment by card is always required for shipments abroad; payment by invoice is not possible. Payment upon receipt of the goods or payment on account is only possible in Germany. The order is placed in one working day, the product is then delivered by shipping companies all over the world, where you only wish it to be delivered. Shipping costs worldwide are 0 Euro.

price comparison

They now had the chance to get a first insight into the IBright product. Of course the choice between the different possibilities and products to make your teeth whiter is very large. However, it is important to choose between the different products, because often several factors play a big and important role when you want a product order. Most impressive, however, are the many different tests and experiences that show the success of the preparation. Let us convince you of the fast solution, try it out, count yourself among one of the more than 40,000 satisfied customers worldwide and write an evaluation on the homepage after your reviews. If the product has stimulated your purchasing power to such an extent that you have become even more interested in other products, then think of the products Green Barley Plus, Mass Extreme, Mass Extremerdi, Nonacne and Probreast Plus mentioned earlier when you visit the website. We look forward to your order.

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